Let's Do This!

Here's the thing...I don't love to write, but I do love to share my findings on food, yoga, and all things good in life! I grew up in a medium-sized Italian family that loves to eat...and when we're not eating, we love to talk about eating. At each and every meal, we talk about the next meal. It's normal for me to call up my sister or mom and talk about our findings at the market. I live to eat; I look forward to each and every meal, and I love to cook. Along the way, I realized that I loved a lot of foods that didn't love me back. I've spent the past few years figuring out how to make great tasting food that makes me feel good and keeps me moving at a boundless pace. I've also started exploring how to incorporate the idea of feeling good all the time into my life outside of my meals. I teach and practice yoga, I garden as much as possible, and I dabble with essential oils in the hopes of keeping my husband and me living the best life possible.

So here it goes...let the blogging begin!