Yoga Life Coaching

Yoga Life Coaching is a purposeful and powerful conversation
about what is happening in your life right now!

I'll guide you in finding your true power and potential so that you, too, can live a boundless life.

In yoga, we believe that everything you need is already within you. This is my philosophy for life coaching as well. I won't give you advice or tell you what to do. I also will not try to “fix” you or set specific goals for you. Instead, I will support your agenda with questions to help you get clear about what matters to you and what possibilities exist based on what you want to accomplish or create. And If you're unclear about what you want? Then I'll help you explore ideas and options. There are no right or wrong choices, and I will support you in experimenting by making a choice, reflecting, and making another choice. The best coaching happens when you are willing to take action, declare what you want in life, and be honest with me in our conversations.

On every 30-minute coaching call, we will have a conversation that starts with what is currently happening in your life with the intent of helping you become boundless. 

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